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Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

There are many “leadership strategies” out there and many books or articles (like this one) about this topic. Personally, I like to read as many of them as I can because I think there is something to be learned from all of them. There is one leadership strategy, however, which I have heard many times before, including by from some of the most admired leaders of this time, yet I remained perplexed on how it actually represents good leadership. I have seen leaders implement this strategy and brag about it but in reality not really practice good leadership. What is this mysterious strategy? “Hire good people, and get out of their way.”
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When Decision Making Rules Are Wrong

I had read an article a while back titled ‘Detroit forcing business to remove large “billboards” from their buildings.’ The two things I found troubling with this situation portrayed in the article were 1) the companies with these advertisements are bringing in a lot of money to the businesses, which is good for the city, but also 2) the decision to remove the signs is based on an outdated law. Read more

Before You Analyze Data, Understand the Context of the Problem

I had lunch the other day with a colleague who was interested in meeting to discuss more about by blog post The Middle Level Leader. We both share a passion for data in business decision-making and wanted to discuss how leadership, including middle level leaders, could better use data to drive decisions and move the business forward. We both have had similar roles in our career, although mostly different companies, so it was fun to talk about the same problems seen across organizations and across industries. One of those problems we discussed was how data is often misused or misunderstood in businesses, especially at the leadership level.

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