noun  par·a·digm  \ ˈper-ə-ˌdīm , ˈpa-rə- also -ˌdim \
:example, pattern; especially :an outstandingly clear or typical example or archetype

Hi, my name is Paul Gunnels and I am the mind behind this blogging madness. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and for coming to this page to learn more about me and why I created this content. Enjoy.

Why Paradigm?

I have always been fascinated with continuous improvement when it comes to businesses and business processes. I graduated from college with a degree in “Industrial Engineering” which, for those who are not familiar, is really “Process Improvement Engineering.” In school I learned all about lean manufacturing and six sigma and got my first job doing this kind of work. My interest in continuous improvement took more shape when I started reading books like StrengthsFinder and Influencer. I started watching TED videos and studying influential leaders that I admired. I realized that there is much more to life than applying continuous improvement principles to other people and their processes, and decided that if an individual would focus on continuously improving themselves, they would be better positioned for the dynamically changing future where they could challenge the paradigms around them. Furthermore, when someone is not afraid of changing themselves and being the best that they could be, they would definitely not be afraid of changes in their professional world, such as a new way of doing things at work. I started applying these continuous self-improvement principles as an individual contributor in my company and then as a leader as I moved up in the organization.


Much of my content is about leadership and leading change to challenge the conventional ways of doing things – changing your paradigm. Looking at problems in unconventional ways is what truly drives innovation. I apply these concepts in this blog mainly to my professional life, but some of the concepts spill over into my personal life. Thank you for joining me on my continuous improvement journey and please let me know how you are redefining paradigms either professionally or personally.