Sometimes Life Lessons Come When You Least Expect Them

A few years ago I was participating in a "hackathon" of sorts where I worked with a diverse team of individuals from different industries and companies. For our project, we had to identify a solution for a problem of our choosing. From there, we had to present our pitch to a panel of judges and... Continue Reading →


Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

There are many "leadership strategies" out there and many books or articles (like this one) about this topic. Personally, I like to read as many of them as I can because I think there is something to be learned from all of them. There is one leadership strategy, however, which I have heard many times... Continue Reading →

When Decision Making Rules Are Wrong

I had read an article a while back titled 'Detroit forcing business to remove large “billboards” from their buildings.' The two things I found troubling with this situation portrayed in the article were 1) the companies with these advertisements are bringing in a lot of money to the businesses, which is good for the city,... Continue Reading →

I’ll Only Stop When It’s Perfect

In my final post in my six part series, I summarize everything into what I was driving our team towards: perfection. Out of the six posts in this series, this is the one I have thought about the most in terms of disagreeing with myself after reflection. Like the rest of the posts, let's start... Continue Reading →

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